The taxi industry has been disrupted by the rise of ride-sharing companies, modern technologies and flexible experiences expected by taxi customers. In order to be competitive, taxi companies have faced a challenge of introducing new technologies for accepting payment for their services with optimum safety and convenience, such as mobile point of sale (mPOS) payments. In the revolutionized financial world, taxi vehicles have evolved from cash-only to both cash and cashless transaction points.
Pink Taxi, the largest taxi company in Serbia with over 1500 vehicles, identified the importance of providing a full-scale service in the transformed payment ecosystem and enabling seamless customer experience. With the intention of offering the comfort and security of card payments through a mobile point-of-sale to their customers, the company chose to implement mPOS solution from a diversified product portfolio of Payten, member of Asseco.
The mPOS Payten solution provided Pink Taxi and its employees with the ease, convenience and security of cashless payments.

Smart mobile payments with mPOS.

mPOS is a new generation of intelligent and interactive mobile POS solutions for accepting payment cards. This integrated mobile payment solution enables merchants to transform their smartphones or tablets into mPOS systems that fully support PIN based transactions, including the use of EMV chip cards. In this way, start-up costs are reduced and equipment requirements are minimized. The system also provides merchants with additional payment-acceptance-related services, such as a certain extent of application and slip customization, branding, inventory management and an online preview of transaction history.

Key Benefits.

Implementation of mPOS in taxi payment systems yields numerous benefits to taxi companies and their customers, as well as merchants in general, which the taxi fleet of Pink Taxi has already started to experience after the deployment.
Convenience in use
mPOS solution is designed to bring ease and simplicity in payment for both participants in a transaction. What a taxi driver needs is a tablet, and a small device, mPOS, made by Spire Payments. A simple interface on the tablet requires only an entry of the taxi fare amount, after which the customer swipes/taps the card on the mPOS device and the payment is completed. An additional possibility allows customers to fill in their email address in order to receive an electronic receipt.
Secure and quick transactions
When using an mPOS device, payments are processed in real time and the transactions are encrypted. With the increased speed and not compromising security, taxi drivers can save time on counting change or waiting for card readers to do the processing, along with the minimized theft risk.
Easy implementation
The simplicity of mPOS use translates into the ease of its installation. The communication between an mPOS card reader and a tablet device is established through Bluetooth. Transaction background processes are the same as with a traditional one, the only difference being new participants: Merchant Server and Payment Gateway. Merchant Server is specialized for receipt management and transaction reporting. On the other hand, Payment Gateway, as its name says, routes the transactions and carries out the necessary encryption and decryption.
Additional options
Payment initiation is just a beginning. Android payment application implemented on a tablet device also enables detailed transaction review with a full set of different payment options, end-of-day functionality, and a remote update option.

Achieving the ultimate goal: customer satisfaction.

Successful implementation of Payten’s mPOS solution has enabled Pink Taxi to be the first and unique taxi company in Serbia offering this globally booming service on the local market. The solution has provided the company and its taxi drivers with the convenience of secure, easy, cashless payments on the go. Since all payments are directly transferred to a taxi driver’s account, they are relieved from keeping track of receipts and wasting time on paperwork at the end of each day. In addition, daily taxi routes are much safer, as taxi drivers don’t need to carry cash and worry about theft.
„With this project, we have gained numerous benefits both for our employees and our customers. The solution we implemented together with Payten makes it simple for Pink Taxi customers to pay for longer, more expensive drives without worrying about how much cash they need to have on hand or where the nearest ATM is. Our decision to go in this direction has already proved fruitful. After two months of full production, the number of transactions grew by 39% comparing the first and the second month, and we all expect it will continue to rise” – said Novica Radosavljević, Pink Taxi Dispatch Manager.




The retail industry is undergoing transformation and has been expanding beyond the traditional method of operation. In addition, the competition in the retail environment is growing rapidly following the trend in other industries. With the customers’ demands and expectations on the rise, the offering of high-quality products along with the best price and proper services in such an environment is a must. However, a move forward in the tight race of retaining existing and attracting new customers requires a true differentiating factor that will distinguish one retailer from another.
With this goal in mind, a powerful partnership was extended between Delhaize Serbia, the biggest retailer in Serbia, and Payten, member of Asseco Group, two years ago following a successful long-term cooperation in the field of delivery and maintenance of POS terminals. Delhaize Serbia, which operates within Ahold Delhaize Group, has more than 400 stores and a POS network that counts over 2,000 terminals in Serbia.
Contributing to Delhaize’s steady and competitive market position in Serbia, the project with Payten and ChipCard, a processing company which is a member of Payten, delivered a new, unified and modern POS network. The previous POS network consisted of more than 7 different models of POS terminals, some of which were significantly outdated. Replacing it with the new and unified one meant a single application for all POS terminals and an identical set of services offered to Delhaize customers at all points. From a technical point of view, any application changes can now be carried out remotely applying to all terminals.
In addition to deploying new devices with flexible POS holders, the emphasis was also placed on delivery of state-of-the-art processing services. They have enabled faster transactions with greater customer convenience and increased employee efficiency.

In a TECH nutshell: Processing services for Delhaize.

Processing is the key channel for transaction realization in terms of data security, accuracy, timeliness and, of course, successful payment completion. From the moment when a customer taps their card on a POS terminal to the payment successful message that appears on the screen, only a few processing seconds pass. In this short period of time, all necessary cardholder data is transmitted through secure channels to VISA, MasterCard, bank issuer and all other participants in the payment system. All payment transactions are processed encrypted in real time. Integration of a POS terminal and a cash register via ECR protocol results in shorter time for completing a transaction, with the slip printing only at the cash register. The new generation of POS terminals goes beyond ordinary transaction processing offering a plethora of additional options matching the rising needs of customers due to technological advancements.
Payten’s processing solution yields numerous benefits to retailers and their customers, and the advantages were recognized by Delhaize Serbia soon after the implementation.
Payten’s processing solution yields numerous benefits to retailers and their customers, and the advantages were recognized by Delhaize Serbia soon after the implementation.
Enhancing customer experience with “transactions that fly”
From a customer’s perspective, new POS terminals facing the customer thanks to the flexible POS holder contribute to time saving, allowing transactions to be processed in a few seconds upon customer’s card tapping or swiping and entering a PIN code if necessary.
In addition to making payment for purchased goods, customers at Delhaize retail chain are encouraged to carry out a number of additional transactions that are now available. Previously available scope of processing for ordinary transactions and benefit cards at POS terminals was broaden thanks to the project in order to incorporate 3 additional options at a single POS terminal. What once used to be a supermarket is now transformed into a branch where customers can do the top up for all local mobile providers, pay their bills for electricity, utilities, Internet or mobile packages, and top up their public transportation cards. This, of course, does not have to be the end, as the scope of services can be extended.
The all-in-one device contributes to Delhaize’s efforts on making everyday life of their consumers easier and approaching the tech-savvy customers that expect the same seamless experience also in offline activities.
Facilitating work for associates through new technology
Payment processing shouldn’t be an additional burden on the associates. Instead, Payten’s processing solution reduces the logistics of choosing between multiple POS terminals depending on the brand, requesting the information on the card brand from customers, taking the card from their hand, tapping it on the device, printing slips both at the POS terminal and cash register, and so on. Now, Delhaize’s cashiers could take a step forward and handle more important tasks than tedious, repetitive activities. They can now work on boosting sales by focusing on customer service and cross-selling.
An additional benefit for Delhaize associates includes benefit cards which are also processed using the same POS terminal and which provide them with discounts in Delhaize Serbia stores (Maxi, Tempo and Shop&Go).
Leveraging IT innovation to drive competitiveness
To run business more efficiently and smoothly, retailers that understand changing consumer habits and technology trends are investing in business growth and expanding the portfolio of services they offer. As the biggest retailer in the country, Delhaize Serbia has added additional value to its brand with Payten’s support by enrichening customer experience with fast transaction checkout and all-in-one device for multiple services that allows future add-ons.

Delhaize Serbia: “Always Moving Forward”.

Successful replacement of the POS network, new holders for POS terminals, faster completion and growing number of transactions, along with new valuable functionalities contribute to the positioning of Delhaize Serbia and their stores as an innovative retailer in Serbia offering such a wide spectrum of services on the Serbian market.
“We have successfully improved our business operations and gained benefits both for our associates in stores and for our customers. The solution we implemented together with Payten makes it simpler for our “cashless” customers to pay in just a few seconds, and our associates benefit from this technology as well. In the following period, we plan to continue introducing new options for our customers as well as improvements to their daily shopping experience” – said Snežana Stjepanović, Manager for Treasury, Risk and Insurance at Delhaize Serbia.




Bankart is a leading provider of card and ATM transaction processing services as well as POS terminals on the Slovenian market. Its offer is used by approx. 21 banks from 6 countries and 2 state institutions, which require maximum trust, security and support in providing their customers with a wide range of payment services and channels.
Bankart’s main business areas focus on processing of:

  • “multi issuing” and “multi acquiring” card operations for MasterCard and VISA – currently over 3.6 million cards,
  • the POS network in the region – the company manages over 36,000 POS terminals,
  • the ATM network in the region – the company manages over 2,000 ATMs,
  • the SEPA payment instruments.

The company pays special attention to the continuity and quality of services offered. It also focuses on the development and improvement of internal processes in order to meet all the challenges posed by changing market forces and its competitive environment.
In order to ensure a maximum level of security for its customers and end users, Bankart decided to replace the existing 3D Secure solution with theAsseco SEE Software as a Service (VerifiedByVisa and MasterCard Secure Program) which provides Bankart’s clients (bank) to minimize time to market, reduce investment and operational costs for 3D secure compliance. The company also wanted to standardize the program in a way which would enable its efficient implementation and provide banks with access to a solution meeting specific GUI requirements. Bankart was also willing to ensure maximum cost effectiveness on a global level, while at the same time meeting the expectations of banks regarding the time the solutionwill be introduced to the market.
The implementation of the project allowed both Bankart and member banks to increase efficiency and reduce costs.


In order to achieve these goals, in April 2018 Bankart decided to implement the Asseco SEE ACS hosting Service. Together with Bankart’s business and technical experts, the Asseco SEE team has created an optimized 3D Secure scheme profile which can be applied to all member banks, leaving opportunity for later specific customizations required by individual needs. In this process, Bankart’s experience and strong relationships with member banks have contributed extraordinarily in terms of creating the most optimized and widely usable scheme to satisfy the requirements of all member banks and their end users.
Why Asseco SEE ACS hosting service? ACS hosting service is a 3D secure fast track for issuing institutions. It is a highly configurable solution, allowing maximum alignment with issuers’ business requirements. It enables quick implementation and efficient configuration, which does not cause disruptions for system users.
The hosting platform includes a card and user database, balanced HSM modules and technical connections with Directory Servers infrastructure. The whole hosting infrastructure as well as the serving processes and procedures are certified according to the PCI DSS.
The 3D Secure technology also reduces the risk of online fraud by providing a cardholder authentication at the time of submitting the card for online payment. It also reduces unauthorized card usage, which also increases the level of security of customers’ transactions.

Key Benefits.

Flexible authentication mechanism
One-time passwords have been replaced by SMS, which has been selected as the primary method of authentication. This has enabled all participants of the process to increase efficiency and reduce costs for both Bankart and member banks. Owing to the ACS service, they have also gained the possibility of using two-factor authentication.
Card activation
In order to ensure a smooth user experience, all cards are activated BIN – first 6 digits in card number, which reduces the pre-activation or Activation-During-Shopping processes. These processes are the prerequisites of online payment, and were earlier identified as one of the main reasons for low utilization and abandonment of 3D Secure programs when introduced by merchant e-commerce gateways.
Card management system integration
Instead of exchanging cardholder data from bank though file exchange which was common in the 3D Secure 1.0.2 implementation. In this implementation a Web Service is used for fetching cardholder data from the bank core system, in case when those data are necessary for proceeding with the 3D secure scheme.
GDPR alignment
A special attention was given to the upcoming GDPR requirements, which were reviewed during the stage of scheme profile definition. By minimizing the quantity of personal data in the 3D secure process, deploying data encryption in databases and data masking in reporting, the overall process has become fully compliant with the GDPR requirements.

How did Asseco SEE help Bankart to achieve these results:

Flexible Implementation
The implementation has provided fast adaptability of tailor-made solutions for Bankart’s customers and allowed for meeting the changing requirements within the industry.
Graphic interface (GUI)
The system provides an intuitive interface, which enables the full parametrization of the 3D Secure scheme profile. This significantly reduces the time necessary for onboarding additional issuing institutions. Additionally, user credentials ensure the assignment of appropriate roles and rights to administrators and bank help desk personnel.
Strong expertise and know-how
TriDES ACS deployed in the ACS SaaS platform has been fully designed and built by Asseco’s Development team. Their professionalism, strong expertise and rich experience guarantee a successful completion of the project.
Multi-tenant platform
TriDES ACS has built in an additional multitenancy level which enables aggregated onboarding of issuing institutions either through a processor or mother group of banks.
„We are very satisfied with the Asseco SEE ACS hosting Service implementation. It provides us with the unified 3D Secure scheme applicable to the majority of the member banks. The solution enables us, as the service provider, to handle comprehensive administration of the member banks. Together with Asseco’s support team, we can administer each member bank individually, while making use of the benefits of a unified service. It has also been easily integrated with the Bankart Card Management System” – said Tomaž Borštner, Head of Technology Divison from Bankart.